Ancillary Data analysis for Video signals

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Ancillary Data analysis for Video signals

​​​​​​​Ensuring continued operation of equipment within the facility or network is critical to maintaining a high quality. The Telestream waveforms and Prism units provide an extensive set of tools to aid in troubleshooting problems and diagnosing issues. With the Datalist and ANC Session allowing investigation of metadata issues to ensure SCTE104, Closed Captions and AFD are present within the signal and being decoded correctly.

In this session we will provide more in-depth information on all of these measurements and how to use them. We will also go deeper on assuring your Dynamic Ad Insertion SCTE104 is working as expected.
Presentation by
Yannick Le Dréau - Video Application Engineer from Telestream
The 9th of November at 11h00

1 hour

• Presentation
• Questions

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